**new work due in late january. new collection in 2015. story the flowers was rick holland's first collection of writing, published in 2010. acrylic. musical. inconsistent. ongoing. collaborators in 2014 included jon hopkins, brian eno, bml creative, aldeburgh young musicians, omd, robert thomas, tom dale dance, chris james. story the flowers was ordered by people from australia, italy, germany, france, ireland, scotland, england, switzerland, austria, usa, canada, new zealand, singapore, japan, malta, mexico, sweden, iceland, south africa. sung, composed with, composed from, danced to, danced about, spoken, ripped apart, reassembled, filmed, recorded, compressed, stretched, sketched, programmed, in a spirit of exploring and learning a craft that promises new dimensions. 2015 brings to joyful maturation a lot of years of work, including a great many wrong turnings, and brings with it an unmistakably clear voice that colours the world with new imagination.